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My name is Mike Stark.  You can learn more about me and my history at

At this brand new blog, I’m going to continue much of the activism and talk radio chronicling I used to do, but that won’t be the blog’s sole purpose.  I’ll engage much more fully in the conversations I see around the web and in my mailbox.

My first blog, CallingAllWingnuts, was pretty much exclusively used to distribute recordings of my calls to right wing talk radio.  This blog will continue that tradition on occasion.  More often, you will find material that gives the site its name:  recordings of Republicans lying to you.  Something I’ve noticed is that elected Republicans spend a lot of time talking to their constituents through a talk radio microphone.  And they tell big, big lies!  All the time!

I know.  That’s hard to believe.  But it’s true!  Politicians lie – especially Republicans.

So…  I named this site “The Crooked Dope” because that’s what you are getting when you listen to Republicans on the radio.  And I don’t think all of that entertainment should be selfishly hoarded by wingnuts that don’t realize they are being played for fools.  So…  I’ll listen so you don’t have to!  And when I hear something interesting, I’ll clip it for y’all.

Hopefully my first “real” audio post – an old-style call to Joe Scarborough – will be up within a few hours.

One last thing:  the template is pretty basic right now.  A more fully developed site will be built-out within a week or so.


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June 10, 2009 at 4:24 pm

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  1. I found your link on Kos. I will be sure to follow your postings- sounds interesting!


    June 11, 2009 at 2:31 am

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