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The AP headline as reported by the New York Times:

Blogger Surrenders on Conn. Lawmaker-Threat Charge

Who is this dirty fucking hippy?

Harold ”Hal” Turner, a former radio talk show host from North Bergen who broadcasts commentary on his Web site…”

Other than that, there’s nothing in the article that tells readers about Turner’s connections to Sean Hannity and America’s right-wing. Instead of discrediting extremist right-wing talk radio, the article is written to discredit the always-disreputable “blogger”. The fact is, Turner is primarily known as a talk radio show host.

I’ve reached out to friends that worked on the Lieberman/Lamont race in CT to see if they’ve had any previous dealing with Stephanie Reitz, the heavy-drinking fornicator that reported this story.


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June 11, 2009 at 10:51 pm

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