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My name is Mike Stark and this is my blog. Try as I may, I cannot bring myself to ignore the monumental fail that is talk radio. Especially today, in June of 2009, talk radio is a cancer attacking the heart of the Republican movement. They lead the anti-intellectual and dishonest brigades of the increasingly diminished Republican army.

Anyway, this blog – unlike my last one, CallingAllWingnuts – will be more generalist. Instead of fully concentrating on talk radio and calls to talk radio, I’ll be doing a bit more research, writing and advocacy.

I hope I can keep your attention.

PS. Interested in my previous work? Here’s a time capsule.


Written by crookeddope

June 10, 2009 at 4:24 pm

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  1. Mike,

    I admire your courage to confront politicians and hold them accountable with what they say and do. It is our responsibility to hold politicians accountable to make this a better nation. You are what is known (and I am complimenting you on this) as a “muckracker” which is refreshing as opposed to the kiss up artists currently in the news media.

    A question I have for you. I know you are busy in Washington and like the fact that you are bugging the GOP congressman on the birther movement. You are right on one thing. I really believe all of the congressmen do believe President Obama was indeed born in Hawaii and is an american but they had to answer you in a way of at best ambiguity because they feel they may lose their next election in a primary against a more extreme candidate.

    With that I am from New Jersey and our state is in the midst of a hot gubernatorial election this year. You may be familiar with this but our current cover Jon Corzine (a Democrat) is behind in the polls against the Republican candidate, former U. S. Attorney Chris Christie. The reason being is that Governor Corzine is getting a bad rap for “screwing up this state” but our problems have been long existent prior to when he took office. Our state budget is always in a shortfall forcing the governor to either raise tolls or cut property tax rebates which does not bode well for the public in the midst of a recession.

    Chris Christie on the other hand took advantage of this pretty much blasting Corzine for “causing” these problems. I also know a lot of fellow New Jerseyans who voted for Corzine in 2005 but will not re-elect him. Because of this Christie is sitting pretty knowing he has about 99.9 percent of the “anyone but Corzine” vote. However, if he gets elected will he improve this state? That remains to be seen being that he has been holding his cards close to his chest. Because he was a U. S. Attorney he is a “law and order” guy that was known to stop corruption (the FBI sweep of NJ Public officials and Rabbis was not the first time and Chris as U. S. Attorney of this district has been involved with this). However, he was working for the Bush administration and was one of the U. S. Attorneys that was not fired in 2006 (though it may not mean anything).

    New Jersey (even on the Repbulican side) has always been a moderate state. However, the teabaggers and the birthers are present and I am wondering how Chris Christie feels about these right wing lunatics. It may be a moot point though.

    Well I just hope NJ does not go to hell and a handbasket regardless of who gets elected. However I just feel Chris Christie cannot be trusted for whatever reason.

    I am just wondering what you think. Keep up the good work.


    Rich C.

    July 30, 2009 at 11:24 am

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